The colorful Laguiole Evolution dinnerware collection: Made in France

This week TB Groupe presents you with a colorful dinnerware collection from the Laguiole Evolution line which is “Made in France.” This glassware collection has a modern design and is available in three colors: red, black and turquoise.

The colorful Laguiole Evolution dinnerware collection: Made in France

The Laguiole Evolution dinnerware “Made in France” by TB Groupe

The French cutler TB Groupe is inspired by its departments’ drive for innovation and inventive spirit. This company works daily, not only to create knives, but to create high-end dishware as well.

The Laguiole Evolution line meets its creator’s rigorous criteria of demanding standards. This line was designed after the traditional design of the legendary Laguiole pocketknife. This design reinterprets this classical and timeless knife from the Auvergne region in France while adding a quintessentially modern twist.

The Laguiole Evolution knives are not the only articles in this collection, as the superb silverware and dishware are also part of this line. This colorful dinnerware collection which is “Made in France” is sure to dress your table with a modern elegance on a daily basis and on special occasions alike, whether you choose to mix and match colors or go monochrome. Once again Tarrerias-Bonjean has honored the famous brand symbolized by a bee logo.

The composition of this colorful dinnerware collection

The colorful Laguiole Evolution glassware collection, which is manufactured in France using carefully selected high-quality materials, is comprised of soup plates, dinner plates, dessert plates and glasses.

Each of your dinner guests will be provided accordingly with the following:

  • A dinner plate with a 25cm (approx. 9.8in) diameter
  • A soup plate
  • A dessert plate
  • A glass - large model with a capacity of 36.4cl (approx. 12.3 fl oz)
  • A glass - small model with a capacity of 34.5cl (approx. 11.6 fl oz)

The Laguiole Evolution dinnerware collection comes in very trendy colors. This collection, which is “Made in France,” is available in the following three colors:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Turquoise

It is important to note that these colorful dishes can dress your table in the most harmonious of fashions due to the fact that these plates and glasses go perfectly with the Laguiole Evolution Acidulés collection of silverware.

TB Groupe: ingenuity that’s “Made in France”

Design and creation

At TB Groupe, the French cutlery company, manufacturing knives, silverware and other diverse items is possible due to the complete understanding and mastery of the different manufacturing steps.

The n°1 knife manufacturer in France has respected its ambitious creation and development policies for several years. The Design and Creation department contributes significantly to this company by proposing products on a regular basis which are distinguished by their unique style and their efficiency alike.

The colorful Laguiole Evolution dinnerware collection, designed by specialists at Tarrerias-Bonjean, was developed following an innovative model while integrating the blueprints of a renowned and classical brand.

New arrivals

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