The cutlery company from Thiers, France wishes you a Happy Holiday!

What is that you say? The holiday season is just around the corner and you haven’t bought your presents yet? No need to worry! TB Groupe has a perfect solution for you – its wide range of high-end knives. But you’d hurry and place your order within the next few days so that we can get your order to you on time!

The cutlery company from Thiers, France wishes you a Happy Holiday!

Have a Happy Holiday with TB Groupe, the cutlery company from Thiers!

You’ve still got some time left to order your TB Groupe knives!

For those of you out there that are a little late on buying holiday presents, you still have time to choose from TB Groupe’s wide variety of cutlery items available on our e-shop!

You will find an incredible panoply of gift ideas:

Be sure to place your order soon so that we can get your items to you before the Holidays. Our brand new dispatch system, created in collaboration with Savoye, makes it possible for us complete orders placed before December 14th. After the 14th it will be too late so be sure to plan ahead!

We are celebrating the holidays by offering you the chance to personalize your knives from Thiers for free!

TB Groupe is celebrating the 2016 holiday season by offering you the chance to personalize the blades of the knives you have selected without any extra fees!

Thanks to TB Groupe you can decorate your French-made knives by personalizing your gift with an engraved message, a present that is sure to please your special someone!

TB Groupe and laser engraving

The high-end French-made cutlery articles manufactured in Thiers by TB Groupe are easily recognizable due to their company logo and now you can have them personalized with a message. This message will be placed on both the side and the top edge of the blade using an oxidizing process. We will put your personalized message on your article of choice as long as it is within the limited number of characters.

The laser engraving technique used by TB Groupe produces crisp and permanent lettering that does not have an effect on the metal or the quality of the blade.

More gift ideas!

Auguste®: the collection of professional grade table knives that are now available to the public

If you’re still hesitating about giving a knife as a present, we’d like to remind you that knives make excellent presents. They bring great joy to both the individual receiving the gift and even more to the person receiving it!

Auguste table knives from Thiers, France®

A few weeks ago Tarrerias-Bonjean decided to add the collection of Auguste table knives® to their catalog. These high-end French-made knives, which are manufactured in Thiers, France have been enormously popular with the most reputed Parisian restaurnts as well as the most prestigious French establishments.

Their blades are made with the latest generation stainless steel, which is a perfect blend of Alenox and Mox. This stainless steel was created by TB Groupe’s R&D department in partnership with their subcontractor, GDD, who specializes in cutting steel. This material is entirely rust resistant and provides the knives with an unparalleled cutting capacity.

Their unique design also contributes to their success. Their design is traditional, borrowing inspiration from Thiers cutlery, yet avant-garde. The collection offers a wide range of different handle materials and colors, allowing you to mix and match items to create countless table setting combinations. Your can let your imagination run wild, inventing your own set of table knvies by creating the colorful and joyful table setting of your dreams that is sure to impress your dinner guests.

An unforgettable Holiday with Evercut®

Are you still hesitating? Well, we will have to tempt you with our collection of incredibly high-end knives from the Evercut® collection!

Countless specialists consider the Evercut knives from Thiers, France® to be the very best on the market.

They are the brainchild of TB Groupe’s specialists and designers. They have a cutting edge that is guaranteed to last an incredibly long time and are 300 times better than traditional kitchen knives. They were created by specialists who have true technological prowess, which fuses Titaniam Carbide to their stainless steel cutting edge, giving them an exceptional cutting edge.

One of the Evercut® knives’ main features is their ergonomic easy-grip handle, which allows you to cook in total comfort.

If you don’t know about our Evercut collection®, we invite you to find our more about it by following this link!

The owners and workers at TB Groupe would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday and New Year. We would also like to inform you that our company will be taking their holiday vacation from December 23 – January 2. So we will see you in 2017 where we will unveil new products and numerous surprises that will be added to our catalog!