The cutlery company TB Groupe will be at the next Maison & Objet trade fair taking place in Paris

This year’s Maison & Objet trade fair will be taking place January 20 – 24, 2017. This key event is designed for professionals working in the interior design sector and will be held in the Villepinte Expo Center (Parc des Expositions de Villepinte) located North of Paris. As it does each year, this event allows one to explore numerous design worlds, including TB Groupe’s universe of high-end French-made cutlery products.

The cutlery company TB Groupe will be at the next Maison & Objet trade fair taking place in Paris

TB Groupe, who epitomizes the excellence of the French cutlery industry, will be in Paris in a couple of days

There is a good chance that 2017’s must-see event centered on the art of living will gather a large crowd at the Villepinte Expo Center and it goes without saying that Maison & Objet will be unveiling the latest trends in furniture and interior design this January.

Where to find TB Groupe and their stand dedicated to French-made cutlery

As usual, the French cutler Tarrerias-Bonjean was honored to receive an invitation from Maison & Objet’s directors.

Approximately 9 different spaces will be open to professionals. These spaces will all have different themes which are all tied into the event’s over-arching themes that include: the house, the latest trends in the art of living and interior design. These spaces will be filled with a wide range of products from house linens to table decorations, accessories, cutlery and much more.

The Expo Center’s new layout has been designed to provide both visitors and exhibitors ease of movement from one theme-based area to another. This new, more fluid layout is sure to enhance the enjoyment of those attending and participating in the fair.

TB Groupe, the cutlery company from Thiers, France will be present at their stand located in Hall 5A between M44-N43. This space is dedicated to cooking and will display various household accessories. The other main sections are based on easy living, cozy items, interior design, luxury products and expert craftsmanship.

Just because the cooking sector has its own physical space and theme designation does not mean that it does not include luxury items that were created using expert craftsmanship! TB Groupe is a perfect example of French cutlery at its finest, which has been producing high-end cutlery for decades!

Evercut®, Auguste® and countless other collections!

We would like to give you an idea of Tarrerias-Bonjean’s expertise and exceptional cutlery skills, which it uses to create their cutlery items that countless specialists and the general public consider the best on the market. For example:

  • The Evercut® knives: these latest-generation knives have a reputation for being the world’s sharpest knives and are exceptionally durable. Their cutting edge is particularly sharp and very strong thanks to a never-before-seen technology invented by TB Groupe’s teams of technicians and designers. This technology fuses Titanium Carbide along the blade’s steel cutting edge.
  • The Auguste® table knives: these reliable jewels reflect the finest French aesthetics. Over the past few years they have been well received by the owners of the greatest restaurants and hotels. Their high-end stainless steel blades are created using either Mox or Alenox, two materials that were also created by TB Groupe’s R&D department.

During the Maison & Objet trade fair you will be able to explore and admire these two exceptional knife collections as well as this French cutlery company’s entire catalog of wide-ranging collections!

Maison & Objet: the theme and schedule for the January 2017 trade fair

Silence: Maison & Objet’s theme

January 2017’s Maison & Objet is dedicated to having a specific atmosphere, which invites one into a world that is relaxing and calm. Steeped in mystery, Elizabeth Leriche helped choose this year’s theme, and stated the following about picking the event’s aesthetic motif: “This new theme may surprise some individuals, it relates more to society than themes that the Maison & Objet’s Observatory chose to explore in previous years. However, this theme seemed so natural, like it had elected itself. Our society is saturated with images and is extremely interconnected, this crucial need to take a pause is real […] It is time to embrace silence and not be afraid of it!”

When meandering through the different sections of this trade fair from the objects section to the interior design area, browsing key household items (including TB Groupe’s French-made knives of course!) you may enjoy the fair’s bustling ambiance filled with TV screens

And if the never-ending flow of TV images and noises begins to overwhelm you the organizers have even provided you with an area where you can unwind and enjoy a bit of silence. You can also visit an installation called Traumas by the artist Dominique Blais, where you will find delicately decorated alcoves created by the designer Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte and a library adorned with white ceramic objects! This year Maison & Objet is offering you a chance to explore all this and much more!

Practical information

  • Dates and hours for the January 2017 Maison & Objet: Friday January 20 – Tuesday 24. Hours: Friday - Monday 9:30AM – 7PM. Tuesday: 9h30AM – 6PM.
  • Access: Location - Parc des Expositions, Paris Nord Villepinte. From Paris take the RER B, direction Roissy Charles de Gaule and get off at the Parc des Expositions station. Free shuttle services will be available from the Porte Maillot and Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  • Access Badge: You can purchase your access badge at the show or on the official Maison & Objet website before January 19. A 5-day pass is €50 - 70. Warning: the trade fair is not open to the general public and children will not be admitted.
  • TB Groupe cutlery company’s stand location: Hall 5A M44-N43.
Feel free to explore TB Groupe’s entire collection of cutlery products during the 2017 Maison &Objet trade faire that will be taking place in the next couple of days in Paris. Tarerrias-Bonjean’s directors will be more than happy to welcome you to their stand and show you their incredibly high-end knives. TB Groupe is the N°1 cutlery company in France!