The high-end cutlery company from Thiers adds 2 premium outdoor military knives to its list of new items

The GDD, a key cutlery company located in Thiers, France, has recently created two superb military knives that are designed for both professional and everyday use. TB Groupe presents you with a sneak peek at these two unique outdoor knives – Le Protecteur and Le Mauraudeur – that were the fruit of a successful collaboration between the GDD’s Research and Development department and Philippe Perotti, military expert and author of several key works in the arms and strategy sector.

The high-end cutlery company from Thiers adds 2 premium outdoor military knives to its list of new items

Two very high quality outdoor military knives

Le Protecteur: Designed for ultimate efficiency

A knife with a double-edged blade and dream-sized proportions

The Le Protecteur military knife is an ideal size (excellent back-up knife) and is equipped with a double-edged blade. This is a very reliable and efficient survival tool that was designed to have a very sharp blade, which is good for piercing.

Its numerous features include:

  • A well-studied look that blends aggressiveness and discretion
  • A full-tang blade made of MOX® stainless steel that has an exceptional cutting capacity and is completely rust resistant
  • A black PVD coating that stands up to high usage
  • A robust ergonomic handle made of polyamide and glass fibers

This is a solid product from Thiers, France’s cutlery capital. This outdoor military knife is sold with a KYDEX®, sheath that is MOLLE®-compatible.

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Le Maraudeur: the highly reliable outdoor military knife

A survival knife made of MOX® stainless steel

The Le Maraudeur is another military style outdoor knife. This second survival knife, which is also manufactured in Thiers, is made of ultra-resistant MOX® stainless steel.

Its ultra-efficiency is due to its multiple positive features:

  • A handle with a trigger-like protrusion that increases the stability of your grip while increasing comfort
  • A black, rust resistant PVD coating
  • A handle wrapped in military grade Paracord 550®. This ergonomic cord makes the knife very easy to handle. This Paracord® can be easily removed and used to start a fire under extreme conditions
  • A glass breaker located on the blade heel, which can be used for installing disks (3X Ø5 mm)

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A successful partnership producing the best cutlery from Thiers

The creation of these two outdoor military knives was made possible by an impressive team effort that reunited département R&D de TB Groupe, the GDD’s (a cutlery company from Thiers) incredible driving force and Philippe Perotti eminent combative arms and war strategy specialist’s expertise.

The GDD: a major player in the Thiers cutlery industry

Two military knives born from a rich history of knife production

The company GDD was created in 1999 and quickly established itself as a major player in the Thiers cutlery industry.

The company joined forces with TB Groupe (Tarrerias-Bonjean) in 2001 and developed an incomparable set of expert skills in cutting techniques used on steel, stainless steel and metal, as well as thermal treatment techniques for creating knife blades. The GDD works with numerous partners from various domains (kitchen knives, cpocketknives, diverse utensils, collectable knives, outdoor military knives and much more).

The GDD has been one of the French army’s official suppliers for over fifteen years. It must be stated that this company’s quick growth allowed it to make major investments towards assuring that its manufacturing quality is irreproachable and increasingly competitive.

Constantly working to elaborate upon the Thiers cutlery industry

Today the GDD subsumes all of the different professions within the cutlery sector and has mastered an impressive set of expert skills: electronic grinding and polishing, plastic injection and mechanised moulding, laser engraving and much more. The GDD has excelled in all of the latest technologies involved in their manufacturing processes that are highly reputable in France.

In 2010, the GDD actively participated in creating a kitchen knife, Evercut®, which is often referred to as the ultimate all-around performance knife.

The expert: Philippe Perotti

For several years Philippe Perotti has justifiably been considered to be a major figure in the military sector and is well versed in handling arms.

Perotti has wide experience in the field of military knives and wrote several key works on the subject. The armed forces, police and security officers in different countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg and the United States use his works as a reference.

Even if some individuals are not interested in different techniques for using outdoor military knives, we must cite Perotti’s most well known works:

De 1 à 1000 techniques de tir au fusil à lunette

This technical book was written for experienced firearms enthusiasts looking to improve their skills, develop more precise gestures and learn how to control their surrounding environment. It was mainly written for military snipers and those specializing in long distance shooting. The book also has many facts about the history of snipers.

Tir et Défense: mémento du détenteur d’armes de défense

This book is a sort of discourse on self-defence and was written for individuals that are accustomed to having a firearm. The psychological aspects of this theme are comprehensively discussed. One can learn about a variety of things by reading this book, including:

  • Security rules
  • The basics of how a firearm works
  • Shooting basics

This book is a great reference for those interested in the subject!

Techniques d’action immédiate

This book was co-written by several eminent specialists in the military field: Didier Valder, Eric Haffray and Alain Baeriswyl. This book gives detailed information about combat training as well as offensive and defensive combat stances. This book provides individuals that are well versed in combat with useful information and is also a good book for beginners that have not yet learned about the subject.

For those of you out there who are passionate about outdoor military knives, rare knives or collectable knives, check out our online shop and order yourself the Le Protecteur and the Le Maraudeur. These two knives reflect the quality of cutlery from Thiers, France’s cutlery capital. You can also leave a comment about this article on our Facebook page. See you soon for more up-to-date news!