The Laguiole Evolution seafood and oyster knife gift set: as efficient as it is stylish!

The end of the year festivities and their accompanying feasts are approaching quickly! Seafood platters, specifically oysters, are high on the list of this season’s trendiest dishes. Oysters are a timeless classic which are sure to satisfy the majority of your guests’ gourmandise. TB Groupe presents you with the colorful Laguiole Evolution seafood gift set, equipped with forks and an oyster knife which make opening shellfish simple.

The Laguiole Evolution seafood and oyster knife gift set: as efficient as it is stylish!

The Laguiole Evolution seafood gift set

1 oyster knife and 6 Laguiole Evolution forks

If you find eating seafood to be a rather problematic puzzle, don’t worry! TB Groupe has thought of a way to help you out!

This seafood box set from the Laguiole Evolution Acidulés collection is ideal for 6 guests who wish to savor oysters and other shellfish. This gift set is comprised of a professional oyster knife which simplifies the task of opening shellfish as well as little, indispensable forks specially adapted for delicate products.

These forks have three prongs with tiny teeth, making eating oysters simple.

The oyster knife is equipped with an ergonomic easy to grip handle. The entire collection is easy to maintain and is dishwasher safe.

The bee logo

The Tarrerias-Bonjean Design and Creation department created the oyster knife and serrated forks that comprise the Laguiole Evolution seafood gift set. Their design reinterprets the form of the traditional Laguiole knife by adding a modern and original twist.

This box set is sure to please self-respecting seafood amateurs and gastronomes alike. It is an excellent gift for the upcoming winter holidays.

The Laguiole Evolution cutlery articles and utensils have a characteristic and audacious form with a seductively modern side, recognizable due to their emblematic Laguiole bee logo.

An ultra-efficient oyster knife

A seafood gift set which makes life simpler

With the Laguiole Evolution oyster knife opening oysters is no longer a problem. Beyond its functional characteristics, this seafood box set has a colorful design specifically adapted for holiday meals. Their ergonomic handles made of bi-injected ABS are mass dyed, giving them strength. This gift set is available in the following three colors:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Steel blue

This particularly efficient oyster knife has a sharp full tang blade made of a high-quality treated stainless steel which assures that you will open shellfish easily and in comfort. This set was created with respect to quality and environmental standards.

How to open an oyster?

For those of you who hesitate when it comes to opening an oyster, we would like to give you a little guide that will help with this task – which can seem insurmountable!

Your Laguiole Evolution oyster knife in hand, proceed with the following steps:

  • Get in a good position: for those who are right-handed put the oyster in your left hand with the shell’s hinge facing your wrist and the hollow part of the shell in the palm of the hand, position your right thumb on the blade to steady it.
  • Place the knife where your middle finger falls on the shell, about 2/3 away from the hinge.
  • Insert the blade between the two halves of the shell, pry them apart without forcing and separate the top shell from the muscle.
  • Once open, empty a bit of the water that may contain pieces of shell that broke off while opening.
  • Gently slide the blade of the knife under the oyster to separate the meat from the shell.
  • Replace the meat in the shell for serving. You’ve done it!

Knowing how to properly open an oyster is not rocket science. Opening oysters is even easier with the help of the Laguiole Evolution oyster knife. And for those of you who are not yet convinced, this video probably will. Bonne appetite!

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