The M6/ sweepstakes is your chance to win TB Groupe cutlery articles and knives

Try your chance at winning diverse Laguiole Evolution cutlery articles by entering the sweepstakes brought to you by M6 and TB Groupe – the sweepstakes ends February 5, 2016. Kitchen accessories, utensils, household goods and high quality knife blocks with contemporary yet classic designs await you on the website. Don’t wait, try your luck… let’s play!

The M6/ sweepstakes is your chance to win TB Groupe cutlery articles and knives

M6/TB Groupe online sweepstakes: win Laguiole Evolution cutlery articles!

The new M6/TB Groupe online sweepstakes: the prizes are the must-haves of French-made cutlery

This past December TB Groupe and M6, Deco .fr organized an online sweepstakes with prizes like the fantastic Maestro Evercut® knife. This time the game will take place on the website!

Throughout the month of January until February 5, 2016 (included), a new M6/TB Groupe online sweepstakes will allow you to try your luck at winning Laguiole Evolution knives and cutlery utensils.

Entering is free and you will not be charged any additional fees. Once you are on the website just let yourself be guided by the website’s links and answer three questions that will seem as simple as child’s play to answer, especially if you have taken the time to read this entire article!

All you will have left to do is fill out a form with your contact information and hope that you will be one of the lucky winners!

Laguiole Evolution: a company with historical lineage means French-made quality

Thanks to the TB Groupe designer’s imagination, the Laguiole Evolution line of knives and cutlery articles with its contemporary style and bright colors was born. This line has increased in popularity since its creation, especially amongst professional chefs and the general public.

This extremely elegant collection, created by TB’s Design & Creation department in Thiers, France, effortlessly blends the classic design of the historic Laguiole knife (recognized by its famous bee logo) with a more contemporary look due to the materials chosen to create them.

Laguiole Evolution is a complete collection of kitchen knives, utensils, household goods and other cutlery items with a striking design that is easily recognized.

The entire Laguiole Evolution cutlery collection by TB Groupe is created using extremely high quality steel that is completely rust resistant and has high chromium content. The collection’s knives have full-tang blades, giving them strength and a cutting capacity that is significantly higher than average. Their handles are created using ultra-resistant materials that are pleasant to the touch, ergonomically designed and easy-to-handle.

Tarrerias-Bonjean has manufactured knives for several generations. TB Groupe has put its accumulated knowledge towards creating this high-end collection just for you. This collection symbolizes the modern and innovative spirit that guides this leader in French knife sales., the branded content platform that doesn’t stop increasing in popularity!

Content distribution on a dedicated platform has been the television channel M6’s online advertising network for the past several years. This French television channel uses this site to allow brands and companies to broadcast their commercial information and branded content.

M6’s Digital Publicity department manages this branch that deals with commercial content. The global idea behind is to broadcast videos organized by content. This approach includes the following:

  • A channel dedicated to brands showcasing videos
  • Advertising the site’s contents – overseen by, an essential element of M6’s digital publicity department showcases close to 10,000 videos (excerpts from TV shows or digital videos) aimed at responding to Internet user’s everyday questions in order to simplify their lives. This website has approximately 15 diverse themes, including the following:

  • Kitchen
  • Beauty
  • Decoration
  • DIY
  • Fashion
  • Etc.

According to the statistics 1.6 million videos are watched per month and the number of views continues to increase, proving that is efficiently fulfilling its function! honours the Laguiole Evolution collection by TB Groupe

The following is a list of the TB Groupe cutlery prizes (stored in magnificent and practical bento boxes) that will be gifted to the lucky winners of the online sweepstakes organized by M6 and

Laguiole Evolution articles available in red or carbon black:

  • Laguiole Titanium Acidulés (brightly colored) kitchen accessories. Worth: 47.00€
  • Knife block with 6 table knives - Laguiole Evolution Acidulé silverware. Worth: 29.00€
  • Ménagère Laguiole Evolution Acidulé – 26-piece set of colourful stainless steel silverware. Worth: 79.00€
  • Knife block with 5 colorful kitchen knives – Laguiole Evolution collection. Worth: 119.00€
  • Laguiole Evolution sommelier’s knife. Worth: 22.30€
  • 3 kitchen utensils - Laguiole Evolution Acidulés. Worth: 9.90€ (this prize is a multicolored pack)

Wouldn’t it be a shame to give up an opportunity to win these TB cutlery items?

Go to the following website in order to play the M6/TB Groupe online sweepstakes for your chance to take home cutlery articles from the Laguiole Evolution collection:
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