The trade fair season has come to an end for the TB Groupe Cutlery Company and its “Made in France” kitchen knives

The Ambiente trade fair, which was held last week in Frankfurt, marked the end of the interior design trade fair season. As it has in previous years, TB Groupe showcased its entire cutlery collection, which received very positive feedback from visitors. Earlier this year, TB Groupe presented its cutlery collections in America and throughout Europe, receiving equal praise. The past two months have been very eventful for TB Groupe and its “Made in France” kitchen knives.

The trade fair season has come to an end for the TB Groupe Cutlery Company and its “Made in France” kitchen knives

TB Groupe Cutlery Company had a fully booked winter schedule!

TB’s “Made in France” kitchen knives went on a world tour

It would be an understatement to say that this year’s home and interior design trade fair season was full of action and rich in excitement. The list of major trade fairs that took place around the world seems never-ending: the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, Sirha in Lyon, Maison & Objet in Paris and Ambiente in Frankfurt.

Since the beginning of January 2017, TB Groupe’s representatives have had the pleasure of participating in all of these successful events. Countless individuals came to visit us at our different stands and we would like to thank you for your interest and participation.

During these events we received compliments and positive feedback from a myriad of professionals and customers. These comments bring us confidence and confirms the fact that we have made positive strategic choices over the past few years toward developing a modern cutlery company, whose hard work and innovation allows the company to produce high-end French-made products.

Tarrerias-Bonjean has held onto its roots, which reach far back into France’s history. It has preserved the classic traditions of the French cutlery industry and incorporated contemporary manufacturing processes. The resulting blend has allowed TB Groupe to take its rightful place as the leader within the French cutlery industry and kitchen knife sales in France.

The trade fair season comes to an end!

TB Groupe ended its memorable tour of trade fairs by showcasing its “Made in France” kitchen knives at the famous Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt. The event was held from February 10 – 14, 2017 and organizers counted approximately 150,000 attendees!

4,454 exhibitors from 96 countries presented their products at this outstanding event. The trade fair had a global theme, featuring consumer goods, which was split up into three different sectors:

  • Dining
  • Giving
  • Living

Environmental responsibility

This immense trade fair’s fame resonates across Europe and around the world, despite the fact that it is only open to professionals. The luxury kitchen design and gastronomy sectors were well represented at this event. Many individuals flocked to Ambiente to take part in the divers exhibits, workshops, specialized presentations, competitions, award shows and other organized events.

The hospitality, restaurant and luxury kitchen design sectors always hold a special place of honor at Ambiente. As in previous years, TB Groupe and its high-end French-made cutlery received praise from the event organizers and other professionals working in the cutlery sector.

This year’s Ambiente trade fair put a special focus on ethical design and products created using sustainable manufacturing methods. TB Groupe was featured among the manufacturers using eco-friendly practices. This cutlery company based in Thiers, France has always worked hard to respect the ISO standards for establishing a quality manufacturing system, while fully complying with the government-approved rules for protecting the environment.

The highly acclaimed “Made in France” kitchen knives

Evercut® and its lasting success

Over the past few years, the TB Evercut® kitchen knives have shone as the stars of the “Made in France” cutlery collection. Since they were released on the market in 2010, the TB Evercut® kitchen knives have enjoyed unwavering success

Their blades are created using Tarrerias-Bonjean’s patented latest-generation technology, which makes them incredibly strong and resilient. The amazing dull-proof qualities of these kitchen knives have been scientifically proven in various tests.

TB Groupe and its high-end “Made in France” cutlery collection

The manufacturing process used to create the TB Evercut® kitchen knives was designed by specialists working in TB Groupe’s R&D department. This technology consists of fusing titanium carbide along the knife’s cutting edge. This process creates knives with impressively sharp blades that have a phenomenal cutting capacity that is greatly superior to that of the best ceramic kitchen knives.

Several of TB’s cutlery products are manufactured using Evercut® technology, including the following: chef’s knife, paring knife and Santoku knife. Some of TB’s renowned collections are also created using the Evercut® technology, including the current must-have series, Maestro Evercut®.

TB Groupe cutlery company’s other wildly successful collections

A large majority of kitchen knives from the “Made in France” Maestro collection are manufactured in Thiers, France by TB Groupe.

These kitchen knives have blades made of a very high-quality stainless steel, which has an extremely high percentage of chromium, giving the blades a high corrosion resistance.

Their ergonomic handles were designed with care to bring you the best possible cooking experience.

They have a contemporary design that fuses the look of classic and traditional French cutlery with a never-before-seen modern style. The world’s greatest chefs as well as amateur cooks are drawn to these knives. Olivier Moulin, creator of the successful cooking blog Papa en, is one example of TB Groupe’s countless fans!

It is fair to say that these French-made TB Maestro kitchen knives are very addictive! You’re going to want to collect them all!

Don’t worry if you were not able to visit TB Groupe and browse their stand showcasing their French-made kitchen knives at the diverse trade fairs that took place at the beginning of 2017. Tarrerias-Bonjean has already been invited to numerous upscale trade fairs taking place around the world for the upcoming season beginning in September 2017. In the meantime you can check out the new arrivals to TB Groupe’s catalog on TB’s e-shop. If you did attend one of these trade fairs feel free to leave us your comments on our Facebook page. Thanks and see you soon!