Thiers celebrates the 23rd anniversary of the 13km race held in Thiers

The 23rd anniversary of the “13km Thiernois” took place June 18, 2016 in Thiers, the capitol of French cutlery. The following article is a summary of this dynamic event. It was a great success, as it has been every year since its creation.

Thiers celebrates the 23rd anniversary of the 13km race held in Thiers

A two-day sporting event and celebration that united Thiers in a convivial atmosphere

The sports association La Fraternelle Château Gaillard places Thiers in the limelight

This 5 and 13km race has taken place annually in Thiers for over 20 years. This key event is also known as "Tout Thiers court" (The Entire City of Thiers Runs).

The sports association La Fraternelle Château Gaillard created the “13km Thiernois” among many other successful sporting events. The wide range of participants and the large number of spectators present were all very pleased with this year’s event.

This sporting event is well known in the professional running world and experienced and advanced runners agree that this race in Thiers is an event that should not be missed!

The “13km Thiernois” takes place over two days and brings a festive atmosphere to the city of Thiers. This event also allows the visiting spectators to discover Thiers’ rich cultural heritage that is based around the cutlery industry.

Discovering the city

It must be stated that the route that was created by the heads of the Fraternelle sporting association was quite an enticing one. The participants followed a route that wove through the historic city center, followed the banks of the Durolle River and passed by the city’s church and the Cutlery Museum.

This section of Thiers is considered to be the city’s historical hub and heritage mecca as well as the major knife manufacturing center due to the fact that a portion of its buildings were built on top of former forging workshops.

On Friday June 17 at 6PM a cheerful crowd of people gathered in the stadium (Stade Antonin Chastel). That evening, the individuals that were curious about the route but did not want to run in the event were allowed to walk the race’s 13km long route. Spectators from Thiers and its environs and family members joyfully cheered the walkers on as they left the stadium en route to Thiers’ city center.

The “13km Thiernois” was a great success

Large crowds of participants were present for the 5km race

A cheerful ambience floated throughout the city of Thiers on Saturday June 18. The atmosphere at this event was a mixture of relaxation, healthy competition, cheerful encouragement and music. The 23rd anniversary of this event was a complete success.

The 5km race began at 5PM. This shorter event was a great success and allowed advanced sprinters and runners that enjoy intense shorter runs to show off their talents.

The less serious competitors should give themselves a big pat on the back for having participated in and completing this sporting event. People of all ages and from all walks of life transformed this first race into a very beautiful and joyous sporting event.

The “13km Thiernois” confirmed its prominent position on the sporting event calendar

The 23rd anniversary “13km Thiernois” began an hour after the 5km race at 6PM. This race marked the grand finale of this two-day event. Approximately 400 runners, including amateurs and experienced runners, started off on this endurance race that required sustained physical effort.

The lead runners kept a steady and quick pace, which confirmed this race’s ever-growing popularity amongst professional racers. The "13km Thiernois" attracts increasing numbers of international racers and has become a key sporting event that has become a popular destination among experienced international racers.

Bravo and thank you to the Fraternelle sporting association for organizing this successful 13km race. Next year’s event in Thiers has already been pencilled in on the calendar!