What if the best ceramic kitchen knives were signed by TB Cutlery Company?

Black or white blades, various sizes, sold individually or in box sets, one thing that ceramic kitchen knives have in common is their increased presence in supermarket aisles and kitchen utensil manufacturer’s displays. These knives are known for their revolutionary cutting capacity and dull-resistant properties however they don’t all offer you the same level of quality. How can you keep from being shortchanged and be sure that the knife you are about to purchase is high quality? TB Groupe, specialist in French-made cutlery, dishes out its guide to choosing the best ceramic kitchen knives.

What if the best ceramic kitchen knives were signed by TB Cutlery Company?

What are the best ceramic kitchen knives?

Zirconium oxide

One of the materials used to create the ceramic for kitchen knives is zirconium oxide. This natural mineral is often used to create synthetic diamonds and has similar properties to that of the famous precious stone.

Zirconium oxide has been used for decades in various industrial fields including the automotive (parts for motors), medical (hip and dental prostheses) and highly technical fields (rocket components), etc. This chemically neutral material is biocompatible, ultra-resilient and can withstand very high temperatures without changing its properties.

TB Cutlery: An expert’s manufacturing secrets revealed

In order to create its array of ceramic knives and cutlery articles TB Groupe uses powdered zirconium oxide. This powder is heated and compressed under pressure, transforming it into a solid mass with the help of a binding substance.

The best ceramic kitchen knives have a higher level of zirconium oxide present in the final product. The level of zirconium oxide has a direct correlation with the blade’s efficiency -the higher the level the more efficient.

Our products are created as mentioned above with the greatest care. Ceramic brings a wide variety of advantages to our kitchen knives including the following:

  • A very efficient cutting-edge that is guaranteed not to need sharpening for several years (3-5 years on average)
  • Very hygienic: does not transfer odors or bacteria, does not crush or deform the foodstuffs you are cutting or change their flavor and is not affected by their acidity. Ceramic kitchen knives can be used on all foodstuffs. Individuals that love fresh fruit and vegetables and preparing delicate and hygienic dishes particularly enjoy these knives.
  • Proven anti-rust properties: ceramic does not oxidize
  • Incredibly easy to maintain: to make ceramic sparkle all you need is a wet rag or soapy sponge
Warning: In order to keep your ceramic knife’s blade intact never use it as a lever or for deboning. The blade’s point is very delicate and vulnerable to external shocks and should not be twisted. You should use a wooden or plastic cutting board and avoid cutting on stainless steel, porcelain or stone surfaces.

Black or white blades

You have probably noticed that there are two types of ceramic blades: black and white.

Black ceramic kitchen knives are slightly different from their counterpart in that they also contain carbon which produces their color. By adding carbon to the zirconium oxide it solidifies and increases their strength. These characteristics are obtained through an additional heating process at an even higher temperature.

Ceramic kitchen knives with black blades are known for having cutting edges that are sturdier than those with white blades.

TB Cutlery and its high-end line, Le Couteau du Chef

Knives that are more efficient than the best Japanese steel blades!

The line of knives “Le Couteau du Chef” was developed over several years and is considered to be one of the best collections of ceramic kitchen knives available on the market.

One of TB Groupe Cutlery Company’s leading product lines, these knives offer all of the characteristics of a high-quality product:

  • An extremely hard material with a high proportion of zirconium oxide, guaranteed to cut efficiently for an extremely long period of time
  • A slightly flexible (blades that are too hard break easily) ergonomic and easy to handle blade
  • An extremely sharp cutting edge that allows you to cook with ease

Over the past several years, the line of “Le Couteau du Chefceramic kitchen knives has attracted the media’s attention (videos featured in the news) as well as that of professionals and the public.

A comparative study published in French on the specialized website Un couteau pour ma cuisine even gave TB Groupe’s knives a higher ranking than the best Japanese steel knives!

Are Le Couteau du Chef ceramic kitchen knives really the best?

The line of ceramic kitchen knives, Le Couteau du Chef, allows you to complete everyday kitchen tasks and is comprised of a wide variety of knives and utensils (signed with the TB logo):

TB Groupe also has ceramic knives with colored blades and festive styles!

Take care when storing your ceramic kitchen knives. In order to avoid breaking the blades do not store them in drawers where they can bump into other utensils. We highly recommend storing them in protective cases or knife blocks!

If you are interested in purchasing the best ceramic kitchen knife check the level of zirconium oxide present in the blade, making sure that it is high. Remember that high levels are synonymous with high-quality. The quality of an article that has ceramic compnents is defined by the wide variety of different quality ceramics that are available on the market. The best way to choose a good quality knife is to trust in TB Groupe, the number one Cutlery Company in France, by trying their line “Le Couteau du Chef”…