Work and disabilities: TB Groupe and GDD, a solid collaboration with disabled workers

TB Groupe just learned about its nomination (via its subsidiary Générale de Découpage - GDD) at the next ceremony organized by ARESTPA (association of persons in charge of establishments and services protecting employment in the Auvergne region). This association is known as “Trophée Auvergne CO” and its aim is to assure that the partnership between enterprises and associations of disabled workers operate effectively. The knife manufacturer from Thiers is proud of this achievement and should be congratulated for enlightening the public on the topic of disabled individuals and work opportunities.

Work and disabilities: TB Groupe and GDD, a solid collaboration with disabled workers

Disabled workers have a place at TB Groupe

Work and disabilities: an eagerly awaited ceremony takes place June 26, 2015

For the past few years Auvergne Co-Traitance has organized a special event for awarding solid relationships between companies and ESATs (establishments and services giving help via work) in the Auvergne region. These awards are calculated according to the companies’ volume of business, awareness of disabled workers, their sensibility to the notion of work and disabilities, etc.

The association ARESTPA’s work within this economic and operational sector presently collaborates with 35 ESATs throughout the Auvergne region. Escolore is an ESAT who works in partnership with TB Groupe’s subsidiary, the GDD (Générale de Découpage).

Therefore TB Groupe owes thanks to the ESAT Escolore for its nomination at the ceremony that will take place June 26th. We wish to thank them and sincerely hope that this successful collaboration will continue this auspicious partnership.

This upcoming event will be a good way to reinforce the relationship between GDD and the ESAT Escolore. It will also be a perfect setting for establishing new arrangements with other establishments. Enterprises and the sector of disabled workers are not individual entities separate from one another.

We would like to highlight that the press will be covering this long-awaited event.

Disabled workers held in honor

TB Groupe congratulates its workers for this nomination and is proud to be awarded for setting up measures on the behalf of disabled workers.

TB Groupe is a family-owned cutlery company based in Thiers whose roots span generations. TB Groupe’s policies are guided by the humanitarian values which it places at the forefront of its values.

TB Groupe’s success is due to the fact that their directors pay attention to each of its employees because they are conscious of the fact that each individual’s drive and skill constitute a vital force.

TB Groupe welcomes all workers whether they are young apprentices or individuals with disabilities. Work affects everyone.

Work and disabilities: GDD and ARESTPA hand in hand

GDD: TB Groupe’s subsidiary

GDD’s main motivating force is innovation or a constant drive to create new high-end products.

Each year a large portion of the annual revenue is invested in developing new technologies and innovative processes.

They offer their clients differentiating projects which are completely controlled in terms of cost, length of production period and desired product quality. Their qualified staff enables GDD’s directors to guarantee this quality.

This justifies the collective skills needed to create innovative projects. Disabled workers naturally play a role in this process. Our partnership with the ESAT Escolore has been awarded for this strong impetus. In GDD’s opinion work and disabilities harmonize with success and company spirit.

GDD has many upcoming projects and the company counts on all of its employee’s motivation and skill.

ARESTPA and Auvergne Co-Traitance

ARESTPA was created in 1988 via Auvergne Co-Traitance which unites over 39 ESATs.

Their aim is to help disabled workers carry out activies in safe working conditions (this is the case if the individual is unable to work autonomously under normal working conditions).

The CDAPH (human rights commission and the autonomy of disabled individuals) declared that an individual can confirm recognition of their status as a worker with a disability if they are affiliated with an ESAT.

Auvergne Co-Traitance’s aim within the work and disabilities sector is to meet companies’ and individuals’ demands through implementing humane and supplementary techniques.

This regional business collective works with over 2,500 workers and professionals who are prepared to work in a variety of work sectors.

It should be noted that the law created on July 10, 1987 obliges companies or administrations with more than 20 employees to have a minimum of 6% of its total work force be disabled individuals. Employers can relieve themselves of 50% of this obligation by collaborating with an ESAT.