TB Groupe cutlery

TB Groupe in numbers: The uncontested cutlery leader

TB Groupe’s results speak for themselves and explain how the leader in cutlery developed itself within the French market.
Their dedication to innovation and their mastery of this industry’s knowledge have made this Thiernoise enterprise number one in the French knife industry.

TB Groupe in numbers: The uncontested cutlery leader

TB Groupe: Between tradition and innovation

TB Groupe, a family-owned enterprise, knew how to keep its basic structure and organizational processes intact through their evolution, which brought success to the company and helped establish its renown over the years.

The enterprise’s choice to preserve knowledge, perpetually perform the highest possible quality research and conserve the entire array of specialties within the cutlery trade established its place in this French industry.
Every single step of the knife manufacturing process from the design to the fabrication, even the treatment of metal and stainless steel is carefully evaluated, elaborated and mastered.

The French leader of cutlery has a maximum production potential of 150,000 parts per day. TB Groupe’s wide range of knife collections are created in three different production sites which cover a total surface area of 16,000 m2 (approx. 170,000 ft2).

TB Groupe is not the number one knife manufacturer in France by chance. By creating and continuously improving its marketed products the enterprise is able to reinvent itself, imagining seductive products which continue to find their place in today’s kitchens and on the tables of French homes.

The leading French knife brands

Today TB Groupe’s image is that of a national brand which exports beyond the French frontiers.

The company’s experience and the quality of its products empower this brand and bring acclaim to this trademark. TB Goupe designs, manufactures and distributes its products under brand names such as:

  • TB
  • TB Design
  • Chef de France
  • Le Couteau du Chef
  • Laguiole Production
  • Laguiole Evolution (Expression and Heritage)

Brightly colored Laguiole knives

Cutlery enterprise Tarrerias-Bonjean’s key figures

A simple glance at the following figures allows one to situate TB Groupe on the chessboard of French cutlery and explains its continually growing success:

  • 5% of its annual revenue is dedicated to research and development
  • 2001: received the Living Heritage Company government label
  • 2005: laureate of the Livradois-Forez Regional National Park Ecology Trophy
  • 1st French cutlery to hold 9001, 2000 and 14001 ISO certifications
  • 2010: EVERCUT® line is launched after 5 years of Research and Development. Winner of the 2010 Kitchen Innovation of the Year® award and the 2011 European Consumer’s Choice award
  • up to 150,000 cutlery articles produced per day