The TB knives

TB Groupe proudly represents the national colors of cutlery “Made in France”

TB Groupe, the leader of cutlery “Made in France,” recently developed the revolutionary procedure which created EVERCUT®, a new generation of knives.

TB Groupe proudly represents the national colors of cutlery “Made in France”

TB Groupe: Honoring French cutlery

Competition within the cutlery market, notably Asian countries, is extremely high. Despite this competition TB Groupe makes a point of developing the manufacturing process of its knives in France. Thus preserving the expertise of this French tradition and enriching this French technological field.

The enterprise incorporates every sector of the knife manufacturing process within its workshops. Today every step of the manufacturing process, from the products initial design to the moment it leaves the factory, is controlled by TB Groupe.

Knives “Made in France”

The development of an impressive technology like EVERCUT® proves TB Groupe’s desire to offer innovative and high-performance quality products while practicing responsible manufacturing processes which meet consumer expectations.

TB Groupe’s clients buy French knives and other reliable products which are useful, efficient and have an extremely long product life. The product design and the price-quality ratio of TB Groupe’s cutlery which is “Made in France” set this company apart from the rest of the market.

The EVERCUT® technology

EVERCUT® technology is the result of five years of research and development. The resulting technology was created thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Tarrerias-Bonjean’s engineering department, European technology centers and researchers from around the world.

TB Groupe's Evercut: symbol of innovation

This technical procedure relies on processes of the utmost precision. These processes respond to consumer needs by creating resilient quality knives with exceptional cutting performance.

The product life of the French knives created using this technology is globally unrivalled to this day. EVERCUT® technology produces blades which practically never dull and which are guaranteed to stay sharp for life.

EVERCUT® products are certified “Made in France.” The local production helps reduce the enterprise’s carbon footprint while protecting and developing jobs in the Thiers industrial region.