TB Groupe cutlery

The family Unit: Future-oriented artisanal cutler TB Groupe’s anchor

Since its creation in 1962 and over the years, the enterprise TB Groupe remained united, holding onto the family values which are the force behind its large-scale production of quality knives. TB Groupe successfully symbolises the advent of the 21st century artisanal cutler.

The family values of an artisanal cutler

Today Eric Tarrerias and his sister Carole Tarrerias are at the head of TB Groupe. They are the fifth generation to occupy this post in the enterprise. TB cutlery is above all a family affair which is guided by sharing and employing the common values which helped found this enterprise.

For over a century, their managing strength, a commitment to quality, has permitted this enterprise to develop without losing sight of its values which are synonymous to those of a renowned artisanal cutler. The Tarrerias family represents TB brand in its mission to bring strength, stability and recognition to the enterprise.

TB Groupe's family values

TB Groupe between tradition and innovation

The preservation of both a traditional and family-oriented managerial structure is the key to TB Groupe’s success; a company firmly looking toward the future while perfectly adapting its past to the present competition in order to undertake the challenges presented by our modern era.

This cutler based in Thiers’ strong identity helped create the modern and cohesive image of this renowned and resilient brand.

Since its foundation the SME TB Groupe has worked with its sights on the future while keeping its original values, allowing it to constantly strive to develop a genuine innovation policy. Stability, involvement, and commitment are the words which define this enterprise and which are the force behind TB Groupe, the leader of both French household and professional artisanal cutler markets.