The TB knives

Design philosophy, manufacturing spirit and the soul of TB Groupe’s knives

Through its design philosophy and the quality manufacturing processes used to create its knives, TB Groupe is capable of breathing life into the soul of its entire knife product line. For decades innovation and quality control have brought success to France’s leading knife manufacturer.

Design philosophy, manufacturing spirit and the soul of TB Groupe's knives

Thiers: Defined as the cutlery domain

The knife of our ancestors

Since the dawn of man, flint, obsidian, bone or ivory, then copper, bronze, iron and other steels have forged man’s history. Uniting functional and aesthetic aspects into daily life, the knife endured for ages and underwent countless improvements due to advancements in technology and the passion of the men and women dedicated to their creation.

Tarrerias-Bonjean: Passing down knowledge

Today, knives, our most precious tool, come in an array of forms and varieties from multi-purpose knives to professional grade kitchen knives and even cutlery-as-art.

At TB Groupe, cutlery is an integral part of the enterprise’s identity. For over five generations, Thiers has been known as the mecca of knife manufacturing. Perfecting its expertise for over a century, Tarrerias-Bonjean has been one of the families from Thiers which proudly represents and carries on the cutlery tradition.

The spirit of TB Groupe’s knives

Constantly perfected cutlery

Today Tarrerias-Bonjean is the French leader of cutlery, but its role does not stop there. The enterprise’s philosophy is to evolve constantly in order to enhance its skills and knowledge in the realm of knife manufacturing.

TB Groupe is ready to take on all future challenges while maintaining respect for its clients and future economic demand. Once the company’s actual needs have been identified innovative solutions are put into place which allows the enterprise to continue to move forward. TB Groupe’s knives are designed with pleasure and an unwavering conviction to create functional tools that can be used on a daily basis.

High-end cutlery quality inspection

TB Groupe’s objective

The enterprise’s desire, guided by its strong drive for innovation, is to create objects worthy to be passed down from generation to generation. TB Groupe develops cutting tools which are extremely durable by marrying technological prowess, boldness and simplicity. TB Groupe’s knives reflect the company’s philosophy and reinforce the brand’s easily identified image of strength.

From the knife design and manufacturing departments to retail services and logistics departments, all of the enterprise’s collaborators are inspired by the Thiers region’s strength and the company’s family lineage. Each and every member of the TB Groupe team is focused on the pleasure that comes from mastering the knife manufacturing process.