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TB Groupe: The knife manufacturer who respects the environment

Manufacturing quality knives is not enough to satisfy TB Groupe which is why they have taken extra strides to preserve the environment. The company’s work ethic emphasizes manufacturing processes which respect the environment and reduce their impact on the biosphere. Their efforts in this domain have been awarded with an environmental certification for having met ISO 14001 standards.

TB Groupe: The knife manufacturer who respects the environment

A knife manufacturer who respects the environment

The enterprise’s geographic location requires that all of the company’s collaborators who have sworn to protect the environment work with respect. TB Groupe has always paid great attention to environmental issues due to its location in one of the natural parks in the Auvergne region.

The enterprise has notably worked on entirely eliminating its discharge of wastewater while reducing its own water consumption. For example, the quantity of water used to cool the manufactured blades has been reduced ten-fold and the water supply which is used during the production processes is 100% recycled.
These positive measures taken by the company were awarded with the 2005 Livradois-Forez Regional National Park Ecology Trophy.

The enterprise TB Groupe is a forerunner in knife manufacturing

TB Groupe is also one of the first French enterprises to have signed the UN Global Compact.

The enterprise actively takes part in the international commission debates on environmental protection which are organized by the UN. For example the company is an UN spokesperson who discusses how the ten universally accepted ethical principles established by the UN Global Compact will be implemented in the economic sphere.

For many years this knife manufacturer has worked nonstop to protect the environment by improving its procedures for developing and manufacturing knives, logistics organization and delivery systems. Thus the company was also given the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

ISO 14001 standards

The set of ISO 14000 standards are a diagnostic tool used to bring harmony to the relationship between the corporate world and the environment. The most common certification is the ISO 14001 standard which was put into place in 2004 and evaluates organizations’ environmental management systems. These standards are awarded by accredited organizations such as the French Association for Quality Assurance, Écopass, etc.