The TB knives

The different steps used to design and manufacture knives

TB Groupe’s knives are of the utmost quality due to the fact that each link in the manufacturing chain works in synergy to produce the wide array of TB products. The Design and Creation department, one of the company’s many cogs, carries out the remarkable work necessary for manufacturing high-quality knives. This work consists of designing and developing new products before they are sent to be manufactured.

The different steps used to design and manufacture knives

Designing and manufacturing TB Groupe’s knives

TB Groupe has total control over its knife manufacturing process including the enterprise’s Design and Creation department which plays an integral role in this process. TB Groupe is successful because their different manufacturing processes are highly coordinated.

This department is comprised of an artistic director and designer, both equally experienced, who are in charge of designing future knives, box sets, knife cases and knife blocks.

TB Groupe’s knives make sense

In 2006 TB Groupe’s Design and Creation department was integrated into the enterprise. This department shares TB Groupe’s desire to develop innovative models which are characteristic of the brand’s strong image and which follow the enterprise’s philosophy respecting past values. The enterprise also fervently looks towards the future because the knife manufacturing process is not set in stone.

TB Groupe's ISO certified manufacturing process

The designers and the company work in tandem to accomplish countless tasks including the enterprise’s image and communication as well as every step behind the design, packaging and trademark representation of its products.

The conceptual work put into product design and TB Groupe’s trademark image is meant to bring singularity to the different knife collections created in the workshop while bringing coherence to the ensemble of TB Groupe’s products.