TB knives “Made in France”

The knife from Thiers: A high-quality product certified by the ISO standards

The enterprise TB Groupe’s knives from Thiers are recognized for their quality and reliability. These characteristics have been noted not only by its loyal clients but also by the certifying bodies who have given the company an ISO 9001 certification, making TB Groupe the only cutlery in France to have this distinction.

The knife from Thiers: A high-quality product certified by the ISO standards

The quality of knives is ensured by ISO standards

The ISO 9001 standard

The ISO 9001 standard is a set of requirements for establishing a quality management system in an organization or company regardless of its size or sector of activity.

It was created in 1987 and is part of a series of ISO 9000 standards which are reviewed and updated regularly. In 2000, the set of standards which were established notably integrated the concept of processes and their role in the enterprise.

This standard was created to supplement the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards by elaborating on a global set of risk management requirements for organizations and companies. The ISO 9001 is a reference document which is validated by designated third parties which have been assigned by authorities with competences in a specific field.

The 2008 version

Today the standard which is in effect is the 9001 version which was revised in November, 2008. The next revision will take place during 2015 and will integrate the concept of understanding and analyzing risks in companies and organizations.

The requirements put in place by the present standards can be divided into four main subjects:

  • Leadership responsibility, as a permanent participant in the program aiming for the ISO 9000
  • Quality system, regarding the administrative requirements which validate the company’s methods
  • The management of processes from their identification to application
  • Improvements in this requirement system continue to be made. These improvements aim to measure the company or organization’s performance at every level and the implication of effective and progressive operations.

The Thiers’ knife certified

TB Groupe: The only cutlery in France with certification

TB Groupe has worked for numerous years towards the creation of a quality committee within its existing structure. The goal of this work is to research the company’s performance at every level, from the initial design of the knives from Thiers to their final design.

Since this structure was put in place, all of the company’s staff have participated in this research collectively and with enthusiasm. These combined efforts ensure the quality of this knife manufacturing process. This impetus was awarded in January 2007 when the company obtained the 2008 version of the ISO 9001 certification.

This distinction makes TB Groupe the first and only cutlery in France to be ISO certified.

TB Groupe's high-quality manufacturing process

The knife from Thiers: At the forefront of progress

The enterprise TB Groupe is equipped with the latest-generation data-processing system. This state-of-the-art technical equipment allows the company to follow the flow of merchandise in real time throughout the entire manufacturing process in order to verify the deliveries made to the company’s clients and partner retail outlets.

This integral system which tracks the knives manufactured in Thiers was put into place in order to control the production process of each product batch, from the moment the products leave the workshops until they reach the customers.