TB knives “Made in France”

TB Groupe: Unrivaled number 1 knives “Made in France”

For more than five decades TB Groupe has founded its reputation on the quality of its products. The enterprise is the leading manufacturer of knives “Made in France” because of its perpetual research to find high-end solutions and their sharpened sense of innovation.

TB Groupe: Unrivaled number 1 knives “Made in France”

Quality: The registered trademark of knives “Made in France”

A philosophy and a state of mind

"Being the leader means continuously searching to improve." This sentence sums up the philosophy and state of mind which has governed the enterprise TB Groupe’s fate for more than fifty years.

The top quality research which continuously goes into creating these French knives manufactured in Thiers can even be found at the core of this French cutlery leader’s work methods.

Teamwork: Our knives “Made in France”

The company’s teams work collectively and rigorously everyday to maintain TB Groupe’s status, resulting in the production of top quality knives which are “Made in France”.

The strength and dynamic character of this enterprise based in the Auvergne region is created through its involvement and teamwork which is manifested by each of the company’s teams, from the procurement service provider’s department to the quality control department.

A structured company

Quality in every level of the enterprise

The different cogs which compose TB Groupe’s organizational structure interlock perfectly. The enterprise’s teams of collaborators, from the demand analysts to designers and sales representatives, all work collectively while respecting the standards for quality which have been established by their managers.

The company’s goal to fully satisfy every one of its clients begins at the start of the manufacturing process as raw materials are rigorously selected during the search for the best quality materials available. The procurement service providers also make sure to keep their relationships with suppliers harmonious, aiming to work efficiently and with composure in the spirit of the company.

TB Groupe's family values

TB Groupe’s efficiency

While the Sales Administration Department is working daily to fulfill customer purchases, the Quality Control Department is busy surveying the entire manufacturing process. This is a particularly important step in the enterprise’s structure. The individuals in charge of these processes gage the quality of these knives which are “Made in France” by assuring that the products created in the workshops are solid and conform to standards.

Today the packaging, logistics and order preparation play a key role in TB Groupe’s success. An effort is made at every step in the knife manufacturing chain to create the best possible working conditions for all of TB Groupe’s collaborators, guaranteeing the reliability of the company’s work methods as well as the efficiency of each operation performed by its departments.