TB knives “Made in France”

The cutlery values TB Groupe upholds

From the initial design to the sale of its products the enterprise TB Groupe respects the values which have brought the company fame. The company’s search for quality is omnipresent throughout their knife manufacturing process.

The cutlery values TB Groupe upholds

TB Groupe: The jewel of the French cutlery economy

Since the enterprise’s creation in the beginning of the 60’s, Tarrerias-Bonjean has always paid extra attention to the design and manufacturing of every knife that leaves the workshop. The enterprise TB Groupe’s entire team of directors and collaborators take much warranted pride in adding the notation “Made in France” on their quality knives.

The manufactured steel blades as well as the different box sets and knife carrying cases created in Thiers and certified TB Groupe symbolize the success of French cutlery and the expertise behind their production.

A manufacturing process in harmony with the group’s values

TB Groupe’s course of action

The knife manufacturing sites as well as the design team’s offices are all located in France in the city of Thiers and the surrounding area of the Puy-de-Dôme department.

TB Groupe’s primary focus is satisfying the needs of its clients. Long before the new products are designed and developed a large amount of research is put into the identification of consumer demands.

After this research is done the design work and search for innovative solutions can begin. This course of action is one of the company’s attributes which defines a way of working in harmony with the enterprise’s demand for quality finished products while valuing the individuals for whom these products are designed.

TB Groupe's values and knowledge

Very high-quality cutlery

The part design plays is equally important in the manufacturing cycle and the creation of knives whose aesthetic qualities go hand in hand with the functionality and performance which characterize them.

Thus TB Groupe strives to stand the test of time. Its objective is to create objects which can be handed down from generation to generation as well as to develop sharp tools which are extremely durable while blending technical prowess, audacity and simplicity.

Tarrerias-Bonjean creates their knives according to these criteria in order to produce high-end cutlery which is affordable and whose manufacturing process is guided by their desire to strive for product perfection.

The design of TB Groupe’s knives enhances comfort and balance while cutting and brings a unique pleasure to those who use them.