The TB knives

A high-quality knife manufacturer’s expert assessment

TB Groupe, a major player in the French cutlery industry, unites the European knife industry’s energy. This Thiernois knife manufacturer plays a major part in the cutlery industry due to its hunger for innovation.

A high-quality knife manufacturer's expert assessment

Expert skill and anticipation

From initial design to final product

TB Groupe has had control over each step of its quality knife manufacturing production process for many years.
The key to the company’s success is the team of collaborators’ expert skill and competence which it exerts throughout the entire production process, from the initial knife design to the creation of a final product.

The cutting-edge technologies used are an undeniable asset to this company which actively seeks and produces creative solutions for its clients. The Thiernois knife manufacturer is even subcontracted by numerous artisanal cutlers in France and other global locations.

Setting knife manufacturing standards

Beyond its knowledge, stemming from a collection of age-old experiences, the enterprise also allots itself the proper means for creating quality knives by using only the most cutting-edge technologies like the one used to manufacture the EVERCUT® knives.

A large part of the enterprise’s resources are dedicated to fundamental research and the development of groundbreaking materials.

TB Groupe is a unique and exemplary knife manufacturing company both in Thiers and throughout France. The company works in collaboration with many leaders of the European cutlery industry. The company objective aims to maintain the skills the enterprise acquired over many years while constantly striving to improve and perfect every step of the knife manufacturing processes.

A confirmed quality knife manufacturer

The quality control laboratory plays an integral role in the enterprise. This role consists of analyzing all of the raw materials which are received. TB Groupe’s finished products undergo an average of 10 to 20 inspections throughout the manufacturing process or one control every 15 minutes. Each of these inspections is designed to check a specific aspect of the final product’s quality.

TB Groupe's knife manufacturing in Thiers

The company’s strong commitment to excellence allows TB Groupe to succeed in reaching the ambitious goals it sets for itself. A knife manufacturer’s first objective is to offer its clients products which are functional, reliable, aesthetically pleasing and well designed, all within an accessible and controlled price range.

Soon a new and major innovation in the cutlery industry will be revealed. This innovation is based on global patents. This innovative process which uses the most cutting-edge technologies will soon be unveiled.

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