The TB knives

TB Groupe’s collections: From table knives to kitchen knives

TB Groupe, leader of knife manufacturing in France, offers its clients a complete range of high-quality kitchen knives, table knives, silverware box sets and other knife carrying cases.

TB Groupe's collections: From table knives to kitchen knives

TB Groupe’s kitchen knives

TB Groupe’s kitchen knives made of professional-quality stainless steel are created to meet the needs of various kitchen tasks. Their handles and bolsters have a contemporary style. These professional kitchen knives from Thiers are perfectly balanced permitting an excellent grip.
Following the spirit of TB Groupe, the quality of the materials used to create these knives and the skill used during their assembly result in the creation of excellent quality knives that handle well.

The paring knife

The paring knives are very practical, easy to handle and include a storing case. They are made with multi-functioning blades which allow for different usages according the material or food to be cut. Carve, chop, shave, etc… These efficient kitchen knives are a must for passionate amateurs and professional chefs alike.

Paring knives

The chef’s knives

The chef’s knives allow you to chop and cut large pieces. This extremely high-quality kitchen knife offers a finished product with a blade which is incomparable to all other knives and is made using the most cutting-edge techniques. The state of the art technology used to make these knives creates quality blades with superior cutting performance that are perfectly balanced and pleasant to use.
Possessing a chef’s knife stamped with the TB Groupe insignia means treating yourself to the luxury of cooking with a genuine chef’s knife.

Chef knives

The ceramic knives

The principle characteristics of ceramic blades are their superior cutting capacity and an unbeatable price-quality ratio. Quality has never been so affordable.

Ceramic knives

Ceramic has advantages and an ever-growing consumer interest:

  • The blade cuts with finesse and has an incredibly long product life which is superior to that of a knife made from classic stainless steel
  • The way that ceramic cuts matter does not alter the product it comes into contact with

These knives are, among many things, very practical in terms of maintenance. They can be washed very easily and do not require any additional re-sharpening or regular sharpening for upkeep.

Knives that never need sharpening

Forget sharpening knives!

TB Groupe’s proudest achievement, without a doubt, is its collection of knives named EVERCUT® which “never need sharpening.” Ideal for those passionate about cooking, these knives have an unparalleled precision and balance while cutting. Their blade has a lifetime guarantee. These knives’ product life is five times longer than other reputable ceramic knives and other high-quality tools.

A cutting-edge technology

The EVERCUT® technology uses lasers to fuse titanium carbide with stainless steel. The resulting blade is extremely solid, strong, flexible and yet capable of cutting with finesse. TB Groupe has been a specialist in the Thiers’ cutlery industry for many generations and did not hesitate to dedicate five years of research and development towards perfecting this leading innovative technology.

Knives that never need sharpening

The Laguiole knives

Who has never heard of the famous Laguiole knives? The Laguiole knife is timeless and elegant because of its characteristic graceful shape which adorns the knife with modernity.
Their value and quality never decreases and the new materials used for their manufacturing give them a touch of modernity. The new line of knives, Laguiole Evolution, reinterpret the characteristic features of traditional Laguiole knives, integrating perfectly into the contemporary universe of modern kitchens by bringing them color and life. Laguiole is without a doubt one of today’s best knives!

Laguiole knives

TB Groupe’s silverware sets

The quality brand TB Groupe’s Laguiole and other silverware sets blend style and elegance with a touch of modernity. The initial design and development of this exclusive and unique silverware’s elegant form was designed to please and offer optimal quality as well as a comfortable grip. These silverware sets have a bold, unique character.

16-piece Laguiole Evolution silverware set

The knife sets

TB Groupe’s knife sets are made to match every style, created with various materials and have a characteristically refined form. These modern table knives have high-quality stainless steel blades making them reliable and easy to maintain. Their sturdiness allows for daily use and their long product life has been acknowledged for years. These knives have an original and bold character.

Knife box sets

The folding knives

The folding knives are practical, clever and aesthetic. These knives are easy to put away and handle. They meet the consumer demands for a product which has the qualities of a traditional pocket knife. Their folding blades and design make these tools very desirable.

Pocket knives

Exceptional knives

The exceptional knives manufactured by TB Groupe have refined designs and classy forms. They are the result of the marriage between research to find a refined aesthetic and precious materials. The expert skills and experience of the enterprise’s diverse collaborators permits the development of exceptional products and singular collections.