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TB Groupe: Professional in both cutlery and internet knife sales

TB Groupe is online. The entire range of products it offers its clients is available: knives, carrying cases, pocket knives, foldable knives, Laguiole knives and silverware sets… Discover TB Groupe’s entire range of cutlery products.

TB Groupe: Professional in both cutlery and internet knife sales

Come discover our “Made in France” knife website!

Here you will find the complete collection of knives manufactured in Thiers, where the manufacturing quality of its products comes first. These products are created using the complete mastery of traditional skills and knowledge. TB Groupe has decided to keep the majority of its manufacturing on French soil.

The array of knives “Made in France”

The large variety of TB Groupe knives

The knives which are “Made in France” come in a wide array of categories with various functions for different applications:

  • Traditional or modern knives
  • New generation knives created with the latest EVERCUT® technology, producing blades which never need sharpening and have a lifetime guarantee
  • Kitchen knives made of forged steel
  • Table knives with modern forms and an exclusive strong character 
  • Butterfly knives
  • Pocket knives 
  • Knife sets
  • Silverware and knife box sets
  • Luxury and collectable knives
  • Etc...

TB Groupe's professional knife manufacturing process

The genuine “Made in France” knives

TB Groupe’s knives are manufactured in France by passionate individuals who have acquired cutlery skills which have been handed down for many centuries. The ancestral expertise and the mastery of Tarrerias-Bonjean’s innovative techniques combined with innovative processes make a difference in the modern world and help solidify their place as the number one French Thiernois knife manufacturer.

Do not hesitate to bring a touch of originality, audacity and character to your kitchen!
Discover the entire array of leading knives which are “Made in France” by TB Groupe!

The elegant and modern Laguiole Evolution knives

The collection of Laguiole Evolution products by TB Groupe borrows the distinctive and elegant form of the famous Laguiole knife and embellishes it with new materials.

The genuine Laguiole knife remodelled by Laguiole Evolution

The Laguiole remains a timeless and elegant knife despite the evolution of its form into a more modern design. Its reputation comes from the exceptional skill used to create these knives in the tradition of its place of origin (once Laguiole and now Thiers).
Choosing the line of knives, Laguiole Evolution, means opting for a French design which is authentically produced in Thiers.

Laguiole knives

Thiers perpetuates the tradition of creating exceptional knives

Contemporary knives

TB Groupe continues the tradition of creating Laguiole Evolution knives in Thiers by inventing products which reinterpret the characteristic features of traditional Laguiole knives. This new line of knives, Laguiole Evolution, blend perfectly with the modern style of your kitchen while bringing color and life to your everyday kitchen experience.

A new line of products

The new line, Laguiole Evolution, is available in a range of colors from vivid to neutral. Including the following different products:

  • Kitchen knives
  • Table knives
  • Diverse utensils
  • Laguiole silverware sets
  • Gift sets
  • Etc...

Bring charm and originality to your kitchen with the best cutlery from Thiers.

A new line of brightly colored Laguiole utensils

The ceramic knives by TB Groupe

TB Groupe’s ceramic knives are made with light yet solid blades. The ceramic kitchen knives’ blades are very sharp and rarely need to be sharpened. They are designed in the Thiers workshops with the same professionalism and passion which characterises the Tarrerias-Bonjean’s team of collaborators.

A sharp and sturdy blade

One of the characteristics of ceramic blades is that contrary to metal blades, they do not rust. Ceramic is a very solid material which contributes to a certain fragility in the knives if they are dropped or receive a heavy blow. Ceramic knives should be handled with care. Ceramic knives are an irreplaceable “must-have” kitchen utensil.

Ceramic knives

The quality of knives manufactured in Thiers

The TB Groupe certification

The ceramic knives created by TB Groupe have a cutting capacity which is much superior to average knives. The excellent quality-price ratio of these products makes this line like none other; these very high-quality blades are in fact a luxury product which still remains affordable.

The advantages of ceramic knives

One of the advantages of a ceramic blade resides in its sharpness, a characteristic which stays flawless for a very long time. The sharpness of a ceramic blade is much superior to that of a classic stainless steel blade. Another advantage is that this material does not alter the products it comes into contact with.

These knives are also very practical to maintain. They can be easily cleaned and do not require any sharpening throughout their very long product lives.

Discover the entire line of TB Groupe’s ceramic knives, including chef’s knives, Santoku knives, paring knives… and many more!