TB Groupe cutlery

TB Groupe’s subsidiary the GDD rewarded for quality:
Recognition for respecting ISO standards and other accomplishments

For the past fifteen years TB Groupe has collected honours and professional awards which affirm the renowned quality of their excellent knife manufacturing process.

TB Groupe’s knowledge and expertise gain recognition

The EPV label: A mark of distinction for the GDD

The French State recognized the GDD’s artisanal knowledge and industrial excellence by awarding it with The Living Heritage Label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant or EPV).

This mark of recognition is an award which recognizes the mastery behind the company’s quality knife manufacturing process and the skills which were passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Living heritage company

Evercut®, by TB Groupe: The technology of the future is rewarded

2010 was yet another big year for TB Groupe who received the Kitchen Innovation of the Year® prize at the international trade fair in Frankfurt.

After five years of persistent research and development this enterprise is proud to be the pioneer of EVERCUT® technology which creates knives of the utmost quality. EVERCUT® is considered to be the best blade in the world. This outstanding blade technology produces an extremely durable product which can last a lifetime.

EVERCUT® knives are made of stainless steel and the blade is coated with a laser-bonded titanium carbide. The resulting blades are practically impossible to dull and are sturdy yet flexible, setting a new world benchmark for the quality knife market.

TB Groupe's Evercut knives: symbol of innovation

ISO standards: Knives guaranteed to be high quality

The only French cutler certified for meeting ISO 9001 standards

One of TB Groupe enterprise’s top priorities is to maintain high-quality knife manufacturing processes while creating its knives. The quality control system which was put into place was awarded with an ISO 9001 certification.

TB Groupe is the first and only French cutler to have received ISO 9001 certification.

The ISO 9001 certification is awarded to industry leaders who display an open desire to reach the industry’s pinnacle for knife manufacturing quality.

TB Groupe’s quality management structure surveys the enterprise’s performance throughout the entire manufacturing process used to create its quality knives. TB group gained further distinction when it received the ISO 14001 certification which recognizes the company’s ecological efforts to reduce its impact on the environment, notably the measures the company took to reduce its ecological footprint.

ISO 9001 and 14001 standards

Respect for the environment

TB Groupe enterprise is located in the French region of Auvergne’s National Park. Since its founding it has acted with the utmost attention to preserve nature when faced with environmental issues.

Two good examples of this company’s steps to protect the environment are its total elimination of wastewater discharge and its reductions in water consumption. This policy to protect the environment was awarded with the Livradois-Forez National Park’s 2005 Eco Trophy for installing an effective system: water used during manufacturing, notably for cooling the steel knife blades, is 100% recycled.

Finally, TB Groupe is one of the very first French enterprises to align their operations with the UN Global Compact. The enterprise actively participates in diverse international commissions discussing the ten universally accepted ethical principles established by the UN Global Compact.