The TB knives

The secrets behind the creation of TB Groupe’s exceptional knives

TB Groupe’s overall production process takes place in its workshops in Thiers. By controlling its entire production process the enterprise is capable of producing quality products which assert the company’s authority over the knife market and specifically the market in Thiers. Today the knives from Thiers rank at the top of the French knife market.

The secrets behind the creation of TB Groupe's exceptional knives

Manufacturing Thiernois knives according to TB Groupe

The difference: TB Groupe

At TB Groupe everything that is produced is controlled and checked throughout the entire manufacturing process by the team of collaborators who work in the knife manufacturing business in Thiers.

Contrary to many of its competitors in the field that resort to subcontracting, the leader in French cutlery is dedicated to using all of its knife manufacturing skills and knowledge to develop and create their products within its workshops in France. TB Groupe believes that it is important to keep its manufacturing process within the French borders. Thanks to this skill and the fact that the knives are “Made in France” the products manufactured in Thiers are the best knives that one can find on the market today.

The enterprise’s internal structure

The company Générale De Découpage was created in 1999 according to this vision. This company is specialized in cutting and the treatment and transformation of metals (especially stainless steel).

In 2001 TB Groupe also integrated a stainless steel thermal treatment sector into the company. This procedure is essential to the blade manufacturing process. The force of this policy coincides with the mindset which allows TB Groupe to demonstrate that it is different and show that it has control over the reliability and quality of its knife manufacturing process in Thiers.

TB Groupe's high-end cutlery from Thiers

The best knives

A one of a kind technology in Europe

TB Groupe is at the pinnacle of the knife manufacturing business in France, in terms of technology. TB Groupe does not hesitate to invest its funds in order to bring positive quality advancements to its knife products.

The enterprise is equipped with revolutionary laser cutting machines. These laser-cutters are the only ones of their kind in Europe. They are made using state of the art technology which can cut in 2D as well as 3D with the utmost precision. This effective technology has surpassed all of the previously used tools.

Knife manufacturing always at its best

These new machines, which are exclusive to TB Groupe’s workshops, make creating the company’s diverse collections of knives possible despite the competition. These collections include:

  • Kitchen knives
  • Butterfly knives
  • Silverware, etc.

The best kitchen knives come in an array of collections!

TB Groupe's high-quality knife manufacturing

Another symbol of TB Groupe’s success is the fact that it has integrated a new branch of work to the company every year since 2000. These jobs evolve with the practical and technical changes which present themselves in the cutlery trade.

These new jobs consist of:

  • 2D and 3D development
  • Plastic injection
  • Polishing
  • Micro serration
  • Molding
  • Robot operated finishing touches
  • Laser cutting
  • Thermal treatment
  • Cryopreservation, etc.

TB Groupe is a reliable and innovative company which does not hesitate to hire competent personnel who expand the list of Tarrerias-Bonjean family members. By staying true to its vision the enterprise plays its role in the industry and the economic sector of the Thiers region.

  • Polishing


  • Molding


  • Robot carrying out the finishing touches

    Robot carrying out the finishing touches

  • Continuous laser cutting

    Continuous laser cutting

  • Thermal treatment

    Thermal treatment