TB Groupe’s new arrival: a set of “Made in France” Absolu kitchen knives

Go ahead and treat yourself to a little present from TB Groupe! Today the French cutler from Thiers would like to introduce you to one of its brand new items - the “Made in France” set of kitchen knives from the Absolu collection. This collection of sophisticated knives was designed and assembled by skilled craftsmen working in the Générale de découpage’s workshops located in La Monnerie-le-Montel, near Thiers, France.

This set of “Made in France” kitchen knives isn’t just for the pros!

A kitchen knife that can also be used at the table

After releasing its set of 5 ultra-sharp knives from the Furtif Evercut® collection, TB Groupe - the leading cutler in France - worked on developing this brand new set of “Made in France” kitchen knives, which is part of the Absolu collection.

Ever since its release on the market, this set of sturdy high-end steel kitchen knives has been extremely successful. It has received wonderful feedback from chefs as well as non-professional cooking aficionados who also use these knives as table knives.

This set of kitchen knives has one of the most eye-catching, elegant and contemporary designs on the market.

Details about the kitchen knives in the “Made in France” Absolu set

A pairing knife with a 9 cm (3.5 in) blade

This professional grade vegetable knife allows you to cut fruits and vegetables with ease. It stays sharp even after intense daily use. Its handle does not absorb moisture and is dishwasher safe. Its mirror-like bolster is very aesthetically pleasing. In short, this French-made kitchen knife is very reliable as well as beautiful.

A slicing knife with a 15 cm (6 in) blade

This sturdy knife is another example of TB Groupe’s quality manufacturing. Its razor-sharp blade is efficient and cuts with precision. It is highly wear-resistant and allows you to slice or dice a wide array of foods. Its ergonomic qualities have brought this kitchen knife success and have made it a favorite among professional chefs.

A steak knife with an 18 cm (7 in) blade

Ideal for cutting a wide variety of meats, this “Made in France” kitchen knife will come in handy time and time again. Its compound bevelled blade allows you to make clean and precise cuts. Its multipurpose qualities allow you to slice, dice and mince a wide variety of foods. What’s more, you can have its blade personalized with a laser engraving (certain items in the set of Absolu knives are not available for laser engraving).

A bread knife with a 22 cm (8.5 in) blade

With this bread knife you can easily cut all types of bread, whether they have soft or hard crusts. This knife’s serrated blade makes slicing bread easy, making it perfect for everyday use. This professional grade knife is very easy to use.

A multipurpose knife with a 22 cm (8.5 in) blade

The most essential knife in the “Made in France” Absolu kitchen knife set is this superb multipurpose knife, which epitomizes TB Groupe’s quality and unique savoir-faire. Its main features include the following: an incomparably shape blade, which provides unparalleled handling ability. Our clientele’s positive feedback has proven this knife to be an absolute must-have!

The main features of TB Groupe cutlery

An extremely reliable blade

The set of “Made in France” Absolu kitchen knives is composed of knives that have exceptional cutting capacities due to their quality blades.

These remarkably powerful knives are produced in the Générale de découpage’s workshop near Thiers, France. The GDD specializes in working with stainless steel and uses a perfectly balanced alloy composed of iron, carbon and chromium to create the knives in this set. These Absolu knives have a high percentage of chromium, making them completely rust resistant.

The majority of the Absolu knives have double-bevelled blades, allowing you to cut delicate foods with extreme precision.

Their elongated form gives these knives an elegant look. This set of stunning French-made kitchen knives are sure to become your favorite go-to kitchen tools.

Sumptuous handles made of POM or Indian Rosewood

One of the features that have brought the knives from the Absolu collection such positive feedback are their ergonomic handles.

TB Groupe’s R&D department carefully selected 2 materials for creating the handles of these knives, which upheld their scrupulous criteria for technical features and a luxurious look.

A set of “Made in France” kitchen knives with handles made of POM

Polyoxymethylene, more commonly referred to as POM, is a latest-generation polymer that is used in high-tech industries such as the aviation, automobile and cutlery sectors. POM is reputed for its solidity and its capacity to be easily molded when hot. A team of scientists working for an American company called DuPont invented it in the late 1950s.

Used for manufacturing handles for steel kitchen knives or ceramic knives, this material has a specific molecular structure with a high crystalline composition, which brings it the following advantageous features:

  • Highly shock-resistant
  • Longevity
  • Does not corrode when brought into contact with chemicals and acids and is incredibly sturdy

Indian Rosewood handles

Indian Rosewood is a luxury wood known for its dark veining, which ranges from yellow to orange or even red. Rosewood trees mainly grow in tropical regions.

All rosewoods belong to the genus Dalbergia, some of which grow in Central America and others in South America.

Rosewood is known for its dense grain and strength. It is used in a wide array of sectors to manufacture objects such as artistic sculptures and musical instruments.

It is used in the cutlery field to create articles that are superior in terms of quality, for example, collectable pocketknives or sumptuous kitchen knives. This set of “Made in France” knives by TB Groupe is a perfect example!

Feel free to browse our e-shop and treat yourself to one of our exceptional and efficient knives from the Absolu collection. These knives are on sale for a limited time only – the clock is ticking so order quickly! This set of “Made in France” kitchen knives is a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day!