The blog Papa en is an ambassador of “Made in France” Maestro Evercut kitchen knives!

Over the past few months the cooking blog, Papa en (Daddy in the Kitchen), has been skyrocketing in popularity. This blog, created by Olivier Moulin, provides recipes that feature easy cooking techniques, which are healthy and well balanced. TB Groupe, a cutlery company based in Thiers, France, is celebrating its brand new partnership with Olivier Moulin by launching a brand new set of “Made in France” kitchen knives from the Maestro Evercut® line.

The blog Papa en is an ambassador of “Made in France” Maestro Evercut kitchen knives!

Papa en cuisine: TB Groupe’s new ambassador

A huge success: Olivier Moulin & his blog Papa en

Over the past 3 years increasing numbers of cooking enthusiasts have sworn their loyalty to Olivier Moulin and his recipes, which are family-friendly, sophisticated, amusing and above all delicious.

This family man in his forties spawned the idea for his cooking blog, Papa en, in June 2014. This blog quickly became a huge hit on the Internet, recording an impressive number of visits to the website.

His secret for success: creating simple dishes with the help of his 3 children, using common ingredients that individuals most likely have in their pantry. Olivier Moulin on his cooking method: “I cook simple dishes for everyday meals and more elaborate recipes for dinners with friends. I love cooking well thought out meals just as much as inventing a Friday night meal with the ingredients left over in my fridge. I am happy the moment it starts heating up.”

Presently, one of his most successful recipes is his delicious bite-sized pizzas balls! “It’s a very easy dish to make and an original way to serve pizza that people adore. I attentively keep track of social media platforms and this recipe is blowing up in popularity!”

TB Groupe is a big fan of Papa en

The cutlery and culinary universes are closely intertwined. That is why TB Groupe has decided to support the blog Papa en, which provides countless helpful tips and incredible meal ideas.

If you are looking for a wide variety of fun recipes you should check out Papa en cuisine’s facebook page. Olivier Moulin regularly posts live videos of himself preparing meals on facebook!

This is a fresh and original project that is carried out with enthusiasm by a talented individual that greatly deserves the acclaim his blog has been receiving.

Olivier Moulin loves “Made in France” Evercut® kitchen knives!

A set of 5 “Made in France” Evercut® kitchen knives in celebration of this collaboration!

In order to properly welcome TB Groupe cutlery’s new ambassador, Papa en, TB has decided to launch a brand new set of French-made kitchen knives that is comprised of the most beautiful knives from the Maestro Evercut® collection.

This set is presently available to the public and includes the following kitchen knives:

This set of Maestro Evercut® kitchen knives covers the basics in terms of cooking needs, allowing you to successfully prepare all of your meals despite their main ingredient, whether it is fruit, vegetable or meat based. We are sure that with these knives you will be able to successfully cook the countless dishes made available to you by Olivier Moulin on his blog Papa en!

An incredible offer celebrating the launch of the “Made in France” Maestro Evercut® kitchen knives!

TB Groupe is offering its clientele a truly unbeatable sale on this brand new set of 5 “Made in France” kitchen knives from the Maestro Evercut® collection! Presently you can purchase this knife set for only €400!

Please note that if you purchased these knives individually you would ring up a bill of €567! This incredible sale allows you to save €167! Thanks TB Groupe and Papa en for this unbeatable sales offer!

The prestigious Maestro collection is enhanced with the best blades in the world

Maestro, symbolizing French elegance

The Maestro line is part of the “Made in France” kitchen knife collection. TB Groupe manufactures these knives in its workshops based in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery.

These professional grade knives are created using a very high-quality stainless steel, which has a high chrome content, giving them excellent protection against corrosion. One of these knives other main features are their ergonomic handles that allow you to cut with ease and comfort.

These kitchen knives have been very successful with professional chefs as well as exacting amateurs. Their great success is due to their luxurious design, which harmoniously blends the look of a classic knife with that of a more contemporary one, resulting in a sleek aesthetically pleasing knife. By purchasing a TB knife you can rest assured that you are investing in a knife that has been carefully design by specialists to bring you the very best product possible.

Laser-fusing titanium carbide and steel

Select “Made in France” knives from the sophisticated and streamlined collection of Maestro knives have blades that were created using the Evercut® technology.

Brainchild of TB Groupe and its R&D department, this technology was patented a few years ago and is used to create knives that are considered to be the best available on the market. The following lists some of the reasons why they are so highly acclaimed:

  • These blades maintain an unparalleled sharpness due to the fact that they have titanium carbide fused along their cutting edge, allowing you to cut a wide variety of foods with precision
  • This manufacturing process creates extremely strong blades with a phenomenal cutting capacity
  • The Evercut® technology makes blades incredibly robust. These knives practically never dull and can be used for very long periods of time without being sharpened

It should be noted that Evercut® kitchen knives have been scientifically proven to dull 300 times slower than a ceramic knife!

If you’d like to purchase the set of “Made in France” Maestro Evercut® kitchen knives on sale feel free to check out TB Groupe’s e-shop and treat yourself to this incredible offer while supplies last! If you’re already a fan of the Papa en blog let us know by sharing your favorite recipes with our online community via our Facebook page. Thanks and see you soon!