• Coutellia: symbolizing the Thiers region’s dynamic cutlery sector and "Made in France" cutlery

    5 May 2017

    Coutellia, the international festival of artistic and traditional cutlery, will be holding its 2017 event this May 20 and 21 in Thiers, France. This is a must-see event for all amateur knife lovers, which showcases a wide variety of the most beautiful knives on the market. This event also gives us a chance to tell you about the Thiers cutlery sector, creating quality cutlery and the spearhead of the French cutlery industry.

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  • The legal battle over French cutlery brand Laguiole continues

    21 April 2017

    The court case surrounding the approbation of the Laguiole cutlery brand continues. Originally the brand name Laguiole was only used for knives made in Laguiole, France. Recently, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) delivered its final ruling, which confirmed the French Court of Cassation’s 2016 decision concerning ownership of the Laguiole brand. The following article discusses the ultimate consequences of this decision and who will benefit from it.

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  • Last chance to purchase TB Groupe’s rosewood kitchen knives!

    14 April 2017

    Over the past few months, rosewood has been the subject of new regulations prohibiting its commercial exploitation. TB Groupe is taking action in accordance with the regulations put in place by the international regulatory authorities. TB Groupe would like to inform its clients that their collections of kitchen knives with rosewood handles -which are on sale on TB Groupe’s online shop- are the last ones of the series.

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