• TB Groupe’s Made in France knives will be exhibited at the Omyagué trade fair in Paris!

    13 September 2017

    This year TB Groupe, France’s flagship cutlery company, has been invited to the Omyagué trade fair, which is dedicated to high-end corporate gifts. The event will take place September 13-14, 2017 at one of the most emblematic places in Paris, the Carrousel du Louvre. Tarrerias-Bonjean will be presenting a selection of French-made knives from its collections at this prestigious location, which symbolizes the excellence of the French way of living.

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  • Cleaning the kitchen and maintaining knives: how to avoid germs and bacteria

    31 August 2017

    Back to school season is a good time to start things fresh and do a major house cleaning. The kitchen is an area of the house that requires increased attention when it comes to cleanliness. Kitchens are hot spots for bacteria and various microbes. As this is an area where you prepare food, one should be vigilant about keeping this space clean. Do you know what the dirtiest kitchen objects are? The following article will give you the answer to this question and tips on how to keep your kitchen and your knives spick-and-span.

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  • Sharpening steels and whetstone sharpeners: successfully maintain your kitchen knives

    18 August 2017

    Even the finest knives require proper care in order to maintain their razor-sharp cutting edge over long periods of time. There are two commonly used tools for maintaining kitchen knife blades: sharpening or honing steels and whetstone sharpeners. The following article provides in-depth information about their advantages and the most convenient ways to use them.

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